Axe Voodoo

Event : Brand Activation and a branded Experience

Client : Axe Deodorants

Venue : 6 city promotions culminating at Voodoo Island, a party on an island off the Kerala coastline at Cochin

Voodoo Village – an exclusive ‘Invite-Only’ party.

A remote, uninhabited island off the Kerala coast was transformed into a high- energy Voodoo Village. Ginger was burnt over 21 days, to keep out insects and unwanted creatures from the site. Special boats then ferried trucks, gear and people to Ramanathurth Island.

The Party transported guests to another world. The effect was further enhanced through specialized frost

lighting techniques which added to the mood on the dance floor. The Voodoo Village Party set a new standard for BTL Activation.

Consumers were required to enter the 12digit unique serial number on the Axe Voodoo campaign URL along with their personal data. Online tumblers picked lucky winners and announced them online. Selected TG were then required to call the campaign hotline and make their reservations at the RSVP desk.

Glimpse of the Event