New Normal Solutions

With the COVID-19 coming out guns blazing and bringing our lives to a virtual standstill, huge events like the Tokyo Olympics were cancelled, malls and parks were closed down, huge events where the businesses showcased their product to the masses stay cancelled. With the probability that everything will resume once the lockdown Is lifted. But we Humans are one incredible species when it comes to NOT GIVING UP, as we tend to bring out the best even of Direst Situations. Just like that, Humans of MidasNext have come out with the technology techniques to connect with people in Virtual worlds and give them one of a kind experiences of Digital Events and Activations.

Digital Events

Midas Next will be custom-designing the platform for Brand Communication by reaching out to the masses via Digital Events!

01 DIY Streaming : Helping out businesses with standard solutions of going live on various media platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, ZOOM etc.
02 ZOOM to Live Webinar/Livestream : Broaden your reach towards your target audience with ZOOM’s reliable and scalable webinar solution. Simple and intuitive host controls for presenters and interactive capabilities for attendees from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and conference rooms.
03 Custom Webinar/Livestream : Customize your webinar pages that will match with your brand and business niche, show your customers who you are and convert the attendees into Loyal customers. Give your webinar pages a stunning and professional look.
04 Immersive Virtual Event : Launch your first virtual event with immersive and rich platform that covers the key functionality like meeting, product exhibition, networking etc. with Multi-Instance of streaming management option.

Brand Activation

Looking for Strategic Engagement Devices that engage with audiences on Highest Level by following best in class safety measures and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)? Well, we have many for you.

01 Experiential Marketing Activations : Create activations that get your brand to do direct engagement with consumers, while creatively memorably interacting with them. Also known as engagement, live and participation marketing.
02 On Ground Marketing : Creating an interactive environment that is centered around a rich customer experience, immersed with the real-world environment that targets your audience and helps them understand, appreciate and relate to your product and service in meaningful manner.
03 Special Event Marketing : Special Event Marketing can be a great get together for knowledge sharing between professionals on a given topic. The majority of the Activities at these events include discussion sessions and expert panels followed with strict SOP protocol and healthy measures.
04 Participation Marketing : Also known as evolution of marketing, one simple goal here is to build relationships with customers by giving them one of a kind experience with compelling brand stories to go with.
05 Guerilla Marketing : As the name sounds unconventional. Guerrilla marketing is often best understood when it's observed, so that's how we're approaching its best practices and takeaways here for the brands.
06 Brand Experience : Brand experience is a type of experiential marketing that incorporates a holistic set of conditions created by a company with the help of leveraging technology, data, and storytelling to reinvent the live experience.
07 Brand Launch : A powerful first impression is what you need to make when you are looking at making a perfect Brand Launch. opt for this solution that can carefully executed for a maximum impact.

As we are getting adapted to the NEW NORMAL, MidasNext looks forward to integrate creativity with help of technology to provide unique experiences to our clients.
We are also making sure that it is executed carefully with strict health measures.